Bigamist With Five Wives, Seven Fiancees And Five Girlfriends Allegedly Used Them For Money, A Place To Stay


A man has set a record in Austria for bigamy after he was caught having four wives, seven fiancées and five girlfriends -- in addition to a fifth wife living in his home country of Gambia.

Sonko Tijan was arrested at Vienna Airport after two of his wives discovered they were married to the same man, reports the Daily Mail. One of his wives, Sonja Maier, reportedly met 28-year-old Tijan at a bar and, without her family’s blessings, married him one month later. She was married to Tijan for one year and was pregnant with his child when she discovered another woman on Facebook who shared her last name – and had posted photos standing next to her husband.

“I thought that either he had a twin I never knew about or he was cheating on me,” Maier said.

The woman contacted Tijan’s second wife and both were able to figure out that he was dividing his time between them and that they had been duped into marrying him.

And that was only the beginning.

Tijan was reportedly involved with 16 different women -- all of whom assumed they were the only loves in his life. The youngest of his conquests was 22 and the oldest was 44. He is also married to a woman in Gambia, with whom he reportedly has children.

Tijan reportedly used these women for money and a place to stay. He allegedly borrowed tens of thousands of euros from the women and took jewelry from some to use as security on loans he took out.

In addition to the women who came forward, police believe there are several other female victims who got involved with Tijan and then found he had vanished when they became too demanding of his time. He reportedly went by different names, including “Bojang Tijan” and “Crang Junior.”

Police set him up with the help of a woman he had met online and whom he was planning to meet in person.

Source: Daily Mail

Photo Credit: CEN, Wikipedia


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