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Recent College Graduate Killed By Falling Icicle While Walking Her Dog (Video)


A recent college graduate in Russia was stepping out of her home to walk her dog when a falling icicle fell 14 stories and struck her in the head.

According to reports, 20-year-old Tatyana Igonina was walking out from her home when an icicle fell from high above and struck her in the head. Sadly, Igonina died from the accident, and a video released by the Siberian Times, included below, shows how strong the impact was.

“I will never forget her laughter, her eyes and smile,” Vladimir Makhonin, Igonina’s cousin, reportedly wrote on social media. “Farewell beloved sister. I would give everything to hear her voice again.”

Reports say that Igonina’s mother came out to help her daughter after she was struck and was lucky not to be struck by the icicles herself.

A week prior to Igonina’s death, city officials reportedly cleared the roof of any potential danger but failed to notice huge chunks of ice on the balcony of a resident.

Sources: Daily Mail, Metro UK / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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