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Receipt Waitress Didn’t Give Tips to Wounded Warrior Project, Organization Says

The discrediting of New Jersey Gallop Asian Bistro waitress Dayna Morales continues with a new revelation: The Wounded Warrior Project cannot confirm any donations from Morales, despite her claim that she would give the proceeds of “tips” sent to her by supporters around the world to the organization. reported on Nov. 18 that Morales was accepting “tips” from sympathizers, which she would then send to the Wounded Warrior project for severely injured veterans. She began receiving donations after she posted a copy of a receipt on Facebook from a couple she served who stiffed her on her tip and instead left her an anti-gay note. The site reported that one family drove all the way from the Bronx, N.Y., to the restaurant to hand her two $20 checks. Morales’ employer said he would match each of the donations.

The story grows less and less heartwarming: After a couple came forward to show their own copy of the receipt, with a tip added and no note, the Bridgewater Patch has discovered that Morales is also deceiving people about what she’s doing with her donations.

The newspaper contacted the Wounded Warrior Project Wednesday, which said that it couldn’t find any record of a donation from Morales’ name or ZIP code.

Representatives said the donations could have been made by a third party or from a different ZIP code.

Morales has offered no comment on this or any other part of the growing allegations against her.

The Journal News reported last week that Morales has a reputation for lying, according to classmates and colleagues. A former Marine, Morales told people she had fought in a platoon in Afghanistan and was the sole survivor of an explosion. A spokesman for the Marines told the paper that Morales had served in Romania, not Afghanistan. She was apparently discharged from the Marines for failing to report to drills.

As of Monday, the Gallop Asian Bistro said that Morales was not on the schedule to work, pending the completion of their investigation. No updates have been reported as to whether Morales is back to serving the people of Bridgewater.

Sources:, Bridgewater Patch, The Journal News


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