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Receipt Reading ‘F---in Needy Kids’ Angers Dad Who Brought Son To Sports Bar (Video)

After bringing his son to a St. Louis sports bar for a special Father's Day meal, Joseph Gibson got quite a surprise when the bill came. It was a line on the special order section that caught Gibson’s attention. Under "1 -- Wing Sauce" the receipt read: "F---in Needy Kids.”

Apparently Gibson’s waitress did not take it too kindly when he asked for an extra chicken leg for his son, KSDK reported. Ironically enough, the name of the bar is Friendly's Sports Bar & Grill.

Denny Domachowski, the general manager of Friendly's, said the waitress meant it as a joke and intended to delete it before giving Gibson the bill.

"I apologized to them, and he called later and I apologized again," Domachowski said.

Gibson posted a picture of the receipt on the Facebook page of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

"So customers with children are a joke?" he wrote on the page. "This place isn't so friendly. I got nowhere with management."

Domachowski said he does not understand why Gibson is "making a mountain of a mole hill," but did admit that what happened was inappropriate.

"The incident shouldn't have happened, and I made sure she understands that," he said of the waitress. "She didn't mean to offend the gentleman and his son. She had a good experience with them as customers. She was just in a hurry and forgot to take that off."

A video about the story is below:

Sources: KSDKCNN


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