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Reason Behind Maryland School Shooting Revealed

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Authorities have identified the suspect in the shooting at High Point High School in Beltsville, Maryland, that wounded one person and killed another on May 5.

Police are searching for Eulalio Tordil, who followed his estranged wife, Gladys Tordil, to High Point High School and reportedly killed her around 4:40 p.m.

"When situations unfold like this it takes some time even for us to know what's happening," said Kevin Maxwell, CEO of Prince George's County Public Schools, reported WRC-TV.

According to Prince George's County Police Chief Hank Stawinski, Gladys was in the parking lot at the high school to pick up her children when Eulalio got out of his car to confront her. A bystander tried to intervene, and Eulalio reportedly fired a handgun at him several times and shot the man in the shoulder. He then reportedly shot Gladys several times, killing her. The bystander was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive.

No students were injured during the incident, notes WRC-TV, but some students reportedly watch the incident.

"Everyone was just crying, like we didn't know what to do," student Terraje Postoa told WRC-TV. "We were just crying. We have a crate where we put all of our equipment. They rushed us in there and after about half an hour they moved us to a locker room and they kept us in the gym after that."

During the shooting, students who were participating in after-school activities were placed in lockdown around 4:50 p.m. and were released to their parents at 6:50 p.m. Students who were participating in sports events from other high schools were taken back on buses after the lockdown was lifted.

Another student told WTTG that one of the victim's daughters was only a few feet away from her Gladys when her mother was shot.

"She saw the shooting happen," the witness recalled. "She came out of the building on the side where the band room is and we had to just pull her right back in … She just was very shocked, out of breath. The guy that specifically held on to her to pull her inside the building, he walked into the auditorium and had his head up traumatized from the situation."

Classes were expected to resume on May 6. A crisis team was to be on school grounds to assist students and staff.

Sources: WRC-TV, WTTG / Photo credit: Bryan Woolston/Daily Mail

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