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Realtor Discovers Attempted Murder-Suicide Before Open House

A dead 59-year-old man and 17-month-old boy were found alongside a wounded woman on Sunday inside a Washington home.

According to investigators, the woman was the wife and mother of both victims. The 43-year-old woman, who had a gunshot wound to the chest, admitted to police that she was the shooter, KOMO News reported. All three were discovered on the 5000 block of Noon Road in Bellingham, Washington, by a realtor before an open house.

“The real estate agent was hosting an open house at that home,” Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo said. “And, when he went there to initiate the open house, he entered the residence and he heard a woman on the second floor calling for help.”

The agent found the woman upstairs in a bedroom after entering the home.

The woman had killed her husband and child, then attempted to kill herself, according to police. Authorities noted that the woman may have been in the bedroom for several days.

“It’s surprising to find a 17-month-old that’s been murdered,” Elfo said. “It’s certainly shocking and certainly very difficult.”

The adult male victim was a school teacher and grief counselors are scheduled to be on the school campus during summer school, KIRO 7 reported. School officials at Lummi National School confirmed that the man was Michael D. Jordan and the shooter was his wife Erin Jordan. Erin, however, had recently left the school to become a full-time mother to their newborn son.

“Still trying to comprehend how it happened,” Bernie Thomas, a teacher at Lummi Nation School, told KOMO News. “But it’s a devastating loss for me personally and the rest of the members of the community, especially all of our students and their families.”

Erin Jordan will be booked at the Whatcom County Jail after she is discharged from the hospital and charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

Police are still investigating the motivation behind the murder. 

Sources: Rare, KOMO News

Photo Credit: Rare, KOMO News Screenshot


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