Realtor Calls Mexicans 'Dirty,' Gets Fired (Video)

Lauren Houston, a realtor in Beverly Hills, California, recently lost her job after reportedly posting racist comments on her Instagram page (video below).

Alexander Juarez told KTTV that his wife was looking at the popular social media ap on March 14: "My wife shared with me a couple of messages that were a little disturbing. One of them being, 'Mexicans are dirty.'"

Houston reportedly posted several comments slamming Black and Brown United For Change, an activist group, that said: “Get these thugs out of our country," "We need a wall are you kidding!!!!!!! Go Trump" and "Well they are dirty Mexicans."

She also insulted an African-American woman.

Black and Brown United For Change reposted Houston's comments on its Instagram page, which outraged other users who contacted Houston's employer, the Sam Real Group.

Owner Sam Real terminated Houston and posted this message on Instagram on March 15: "At the Sam Real Group, we believe that every individual no matter what their skin color, race or ethnicity is equal in every way. We do not tolerate hateful or racist speech in regards to the comments made by a member employed by Sam Real Group. The employee in question has been terminated from the group. Again, on our behalf please accept our apologies."

KTTV attempted to contact Houston, but phone messages were not returned.

Houston's Instagram page, loloHouston, has been removed, but her comments remain on Black and Brown United For Change's page prompting comments from other Instagram users:

"This is ignorance at its finest....this harsh. Word...xc"

"Say stupid things, win stupid prizes. Good riddance."

"You're disgusting. The fact that you say those things is a crystal clear reflection of how you feel about yourself. Low asf. You're wanting Mexicans to depart from 'your' country when it was your people that came here illegally on Native land. Whites have committed some of the most inhumane crimes in history. Do your f------ research before speaking bad about another race, little girl. You ain't S---!."

Sources: Instagram (2), KTTV / Photo credit: KTTV via SanVic/YouTube

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