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Real Estate Agent Arrested For Sex In Home She Sold

A Texas real estate agent has been arrested after allegedly having sex with a man in a house she had sold the previous day.

Police were alerted to a disturbance at the vacant property in Friendswood, Texas, when a man noticed a flashlight coming from the property as he left for work around 5 a.m. August 20, KTRK reported.

When officers arrived and looked through the window, they saw Kayla Seloff, 22, and Joshua Leal, 27, in what investigators described as a “passionate rendezvous.”

Seloff alleged that she was married to Leal and that they had just purchased the home. Police requested that Seloff and Leal provide identification and took them to Seloff’s vehicle.

When the car was opened, officers detected the smell of marijuana and noticed a glass pipe in the front of the car. They also retrieved drug paraphernalia, which Seloff later admitted to owning.

Seloff then allegedly admitted to officers that she was not the new homeowner but had sold it August 19 to a new owner.

James Hicks, the neighbor who raised the alarm, spoke to the media about his reaction to what had happened.

“I’m just shocked and amazed, but not surprised,” he said.

Other residents were more concerned.

“It’s shocking in this neighborhood because it’s a pretty good family-orientated neighborhood for 16 years. So it is alarming,” local resident Michelle Nay told KPRC.

The owner agreed to press criminal charges and both Seloff and Leal were accused of criminal trespassing. Their bonds were set at $1,000.

Sources: KTRK, KTRK via WFSB, KPRC / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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