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Reality TV Parents Jon and Kate Gosselin Getting Divorced

NEW YORK --- Reality TV parents Jon and Kate Gosselin are getting divorced.

So ends one of the more captivating (and public) marriages in recent memory. The stars of the hyper-popular Jon & Kate Plus 8 -- easily TLC's most watched program -- announced their decision during Monday's episode.

To attract viewership, TLC had promised big news from the husband and wife, who had been the subject of gossip magazines and TV shows for weeks. Many had figured it was splitsville, and they were right.

"It's been a hard seven or eight months," said Jon, who has been the subject of extracurricular activity outside his marriage. "This is the hardest episode ever."

"I just need relief now," said Kate, who has been romantically linked to her bodyguard, which she strongly denies. "I need to turn the page."

Apparently, the show Jon & Kate Plus 8 will continue. Stay tuned.


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