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Reality Star's Mother Found After Disappearing For A Day

Police in Georgia have reportedly located the mother of a former reality TV star after she disappeared in what looked to be a kidnapping.

Chavante Mack, who previously appeared on VH1's "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta," called police on the night of Jan. 25 after discovering that her mother, 54-year old Kimberly Moore, was missing from her house, according to WXIA.

When police arrived, they found the front and back doors ajar. All of Moore's personal belongings were in the house.

"Her vehicle was still located outside the home," Capt. Stephen Fore said, adding that foul play was suspected.

WSB-TV has since reported that Moore was found by police, although the station did not have any details as of noon on Jan. 26.

At the time of her disappearance, Moore's daughter, also known as "Che" Mack, asked that everyone pray for her return.

"We would like everybody to pray for us and keep faith in us and make sure she returns home safely," Mack told WXIA. "We just need her to come home."

Sources: WXIA, WSB-TV / Photo credit: WSB-TV via Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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