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Woman Accused Of Hate Crime For Berating Overweight Women (Video)

Katie Hopkins is no stranger to controversy, but most recently, she landed in a whole new world of trouble. Apparently, a woman reported the famous personality to the police for allegedly committing a hate crime.

In the past, Hopkins has been outspoken in her dislike of fat people, going so far as to unapologetically state that they are all lazy. In her brand new TLC show about her own weight loss, however, Hopkins decided to sit down with a panel of bigger women to discuss her controversial views and see their perspective on being overweight.

In the discussion, which was filmed for the program, Hopkins pulls out every punch and manages to insult all five women sitting in the room with her. At one point, Hopkins tells size acceptance activist Kathryn Szrodecki that it’s “not healthy to carry that much weight on your knees.”

In response to Hopkins’ bullying, Szrodecki claims that this is a “hate crime,” to which Hopkins retorts, “Do call the police, there’s a telephone right there. Would you like it brought to you? Because it’s probably going to be hard to walk there.”

Szrodecki wound up calling the police to report the reality star, and although local police are unable to comment on the matter, a police source told The Independent that the call probably began and ended with a dispatch operator.

Sources:Daily Mail, The Independent, The Daily Mirror / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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