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Real: Paranormal Knocking

I should probably start by recognizing the unbelievable nature of this topic.  However you perceive this piece, I assure you this account is honest and simply unexplainable.  I'm writing this in search of other people who have also experienced the phenomenon of unexplainable knocking.  Here's my story:

I had just left the Air Force and was living at my parents' house when, one night, around 3am I heard loud knocking on my bedroom door.  Following the knocking was a Female voice saying, "Wes! Wake Up!"  The knocking continued for one more round after the voice.  I didn't recognize the voice as belonging to my mother, but assuming I was just groggy from being woken up, I rushed to the door.  My military training was still fresh leading me to spring out of bed expecting a house fire or maybe my father having heart attack.  But, when I opened the door (almost immediately after the knocking stopped), there was no one there. 

I searched all of the rooms closest to mine but found nothing.  I scratched my head and started back for my room figuring that I had somehow dreamt the whole event.  It was at that time that I heard my mom getting out of bed.  She opens up her bedroom door and asks, "Who's at the front door?"  The knocking was most definitely on my door.  She didn't hear the same voice I did, but the knocking was witnessed by more than one person.

Years went by, and I experienced the same phenomenon in different places I've lived.  I have yet to have anyone else witness the strange knocks, but after the first time I got them with my parents corroborating the story, I had no doubt of their authenticity. 

After a Birthday party a couple of years ago where we talked about the event over supper, I decided to do some research to see if there were others like me who had received the knocks.  To my surprise, there were.  There were several accounts posted on Yahoo! Answers and various other Q&A sites, but I couldn't find a single place for people with the experience to virtually congregate.  This led me to start the 3 Knocks forum (

I have 27 members from all around the world.  That might not seem like much, but I would be excited to tell you I met at least ONE other person who has gotten the knocks.  I've spoke with many people who have related a similar experience from time to time, so there is some chance of you having had a similar story.  If so, please meet us at the forum and share your story.

Thanks for reading,

Wes Day


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