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Latest Zombie Attack: Alexander Kinyua Eats Kujoe Agyei-Kodie

In Joppatowne, Maryland, police say that Alexander Kinyua admitted to killing and eating the heart and parts of a human brain, believed to from his roommate Kujoe Agyei-Kodie. This comes on the heels of a bizarre face-eating episode in Miami.

In this latest instance, both the victim and suspect were students at Morgan State University, reports WJZ-TV (video below).

Police say Kinyua’s brother went down to the laundry room of the townhouse, where they live, and saw a blanket on two metal tins. Police say he opened them and saw a head and two hands.

When Kinyua’s brother confronted him about this, police say Kinyua claimed they were animal remains.

The brother then called his dad. The father went downstairs and the body parts were gone.

That's when Kinyua’s family called police.

Sheriff L. Jesse Bane of Harford County said: “Human remains, specifically a head and hands, were recovered on the main floor of the residence.”

The rest of the body was found in a church dumpster, just blocks away.

The victim, Agyei-Kodie, was a native of Ghana and held several master’s degrees. He was a family friend, who was staying at the residence.

Two days before the murder, Kinyua was released on bond for another assault: attacking another student with a baseball bat in the dorms.

Kinyua has shown no remorse for Agyei-Kodie’s murder. His parents were trying to raise funds for his defense with a fundraiser at a community church in Baltimore.

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