Real-Life Walter White: Math Teacher with Stage III Cancer Caught Selling Meth

A math teacher in Boston is now being called the real life Walter White, after he was caught trafficking meth.

Similar to Walter White of TV show Breaking Bad, Stephen Doran, 57, has been undergoing chemotherapy for stage III cancer.

White, played by actor Bryan Cranston, is a school teacher who starts selling meth after he was diagnosed with stage III lung cancer. 

The show is about White selling the drugs to pay for his medical bills and saving up enough to support his family when he dies.

Police caught Doran when he left the school around 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday. They pulled him over, and found a package with two heat-sealed bags containing 480 grams of a crystalline substance that was thought to be methamphetamine.

They obtained a warrant to search his home. It was there that they found evidence of a drug dealing operation, including $10,000 cash, a digital scale, and 38 additional grams of the drug.

Doran was charged with trafficking meth and violating the state's drug laws for a school zone.

He has been ordered to remain on home confinement with a GPS device on him.

If he posts $10,000 bail, he is allowed to leave his house for doctor's appointments. 

The school said they had no knowledge of his crimes, and said they do not believe that any staff, teachers or students were involved or in danger.

Sources: Daily Mail, News.AU


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