Razor Blades Found Hidden In Grass At California Park

A Chula Vista, California, park was closed by police after razor blades were discovered intentionally hidden in the grass.

Police were notified of the razor blades in Harvest Park by a man who was there running football drills with his two sons, reports Fox 5 San Diego. The man found 12 box cutter blades in the grass field and suspected they were deliberately placed there.

Some of the blades were placed blade-up in the grass while others seem to have been chopped up by a lawn mower, according to police. Chula Vista Parks and Recreation personnel had mowed the grass that morning.

Upon searching the area about 100 feet out, police found eight more razor blades and two more broken blades, reports NBC San Diego.

Supervisors from the parks and recreation department closed the park and searched the entire area using metal detectors and magnets. More than a dozen more broken blades were discovered the following day throughout the park.

An investigation is ongoing and while it is believed to be an isolated incident, parks and recreation employees are checking other parks in the city for razor blades.

Sources: Fox 5 San Diego, NBC San Diego / Photo credit: Fox 5 San Diego


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