Raw Video: Chinese Boy Stuck Between 2 Walls


A scary scene in China that ultimately had a happy ending -- a five-year-old boy got stuck between two walls, and couldn't get out.

According to Chinese TV network CCTV, Xiao Yu was playing in the gap between the walls when he got wedged in. His parents and neighbors couldn't get him out, so they called the fire department. 

Firefighters were able to get a heavy-duty air mattress in the gap, then inflate it slowly to move the walls just enough to give the boy room to get out.

"We should inflate the mattress slowly, instead of widening the gap too fast," one of the firefighters said.

The operation took an hour, with firefighters giving the boy instructions.

"Slow down, boy, don't look at me. Listen to what uncle tells you. When you are told to back off, you must do it slowly, don't go forward."

With the fall moved just a fraction, he was able to slip out.

"Great, son. You're so great, my son. Right, back off, and come to mom," his mother said.


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