Ratings Down for Fox, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck

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Ratings for Fox News are in the doldrums, down 21% in primetime so far this year. But don't cry for the right-leaning network -- it's been number one on cable for nine years now, and it still has the top 12 shows.

According to a report from Business Insider, Bill O'Reilly remains in the top spot, but he lost 14% of his audience from the same three-month period last year. Sean Hannity places second, down 19%. Bret Baier (whoever he is) is third, beating out Glenn Beck, who has lost a whopping 30% of his audience. 

CNN and MSNBC have been the beneficiaries of Fox's decline. CNN is up by 28%, led by Anderson Cooper's 18% rise, and MSNBC saw a 9% ratings growth. Its star Rachel Maddow has 16% more viewers.

Business Insider speculates on the possible reason:

This time period last year was dominated by the health care debate and for much of that period Fox operated as an extension of the opposition. Now that the nation's focus is international it's harder to figure out an angle where Obama is bad and...nuclear meltdowns and Qadaffi are good.

Another explanation could be that CNN and MSNBC have been doing so poorly in recent years that there was no place else to go but up.


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