Rasmussen Poll: Trump, Clinton Tied Nationally


A new poll tracking the potential matchup between Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump projects the two front-runners to be in a dead heat come November.

The latest general election survey from Rasmussen Reporters conducted between April 25 and 26 found Clinton and Trump each scored 38 percent support among likely voters. Twenty-four percent of respondents would vote for neither candidate.

Breaking down that sizable chunk of voters who are disinterested in both Clinton and Trump, 16 percent would vote for someone else, presumably an independent candidate or a write-in name. Six percent would simply stay home on election day, while two percent remain undecided.

The survey results include how Clinton and Trump’s support differs among different demographics.

The former Secretary of State fares better with women by six percentage points, while the business mogul is favored by male respondents by an equivalent six points.

The results indicate that the older the voter, the more likely they are to prefer Trump over Clinton. Meanwhile, voters aged 18 to 39 overwhelmingly prefer Clinton by 15 percentage points.

When it comes to race, Trump has an edge among white voters by 11 percentage points. Black voters side with Clinton, with a resounding 39 percentage points over Trump. Other racial minorities, grouped together in this poll, also favor Clinton by 16 percent.

Ten percent of Republican respondents would vote for Clinton, while 11 percent of Democrats would cast their ballot for Trump. When it comes to Independents, Trump has a five percent point advantage.

The poll found that the lower and higher income earners prefer Clinton. Respondents with an income between $30,000 and $100,000 are more likely to support Trump. The poll also found that the more educated respondents were, the more they supported Clinton.

The even split in support for both candidates in the Rasmussen poll runs counter to the USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll released on April 25. Those results projected a Clinton triumph, with the former Secretary of State leading Trump by 50 to 39 percent in a general election matchup.

Neither candidate would be particularly popular nominees. Clinton has a deficit of negative 16.5 average favorability among the general population, according to Real Clear Politics. Meanwhile, Trump as a negative 37 average favorability.

Sources: Rasmussen Reports, Real Clear Politics (2), USA TODAY / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

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