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Rare White-Faced Fawn Rescued By Michigan Animal Farm After Being Rejected By Its Mother (Photos)

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A fawn in Michigan was born with a rare mutation that resulted in parts of his body, including portions of his face, being completely white. 

The stunning fawn was rejected by its mother after birth likely because he looked different than the others. The fawn’s white fur would cause it to stand out rather than blend in when trying to hide, according to MLive. The fawn’s mother reportedly has a similar genetic mutation, which occurs in less than 1 percent of the whitetail deer population.

After being abandoned over a week ago, the remarkable animal was taken in by Hilary Powell, owner of the Cedar Springs, Michigan, animal farm where the fawn was born. 

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Powell, who operates Deer Tracks Junction with her husband, said the deer was named Dragon by her 19-year-old son. Dragon spent the first few nights of his life being bottle-fed inside the family’s home, before being given his own pen in the yard.

Later this summer, Dragon is set to join the other deer in a larger fenced-in area.

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Deer Tracks Junction opened in 2012 and has a variety of animals. Visitors are welcome throughout the season, and opens on June 3.

“There's all these places that people could go and they choose to come here to make memories,” Powell told MLive. “It's very humbling to be part of the memories people are making."

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Sources: MLive, The Blaze

Photo Credit: Cory Morse/


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