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Rare Sighting of Oarfish Caught On Camera (Video)

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Beach-goers captured a rarely seen a large oarfish on video Tuesday as it traveled along the shores of Baja, Mexico.

The oarfish, which swim close to fault lines, usually swim at depths of 3,000 feet and are hard to find. However, there have recently been a number of oarfish washing up on shores.

“It was one of the most surprising and beautiful animals I had even seen,” Lia Stamatiou, a tour guide, said, “with fantastic iridescent blue skin and a vibrant red dorsal fin.”

A group of beach goers attempted to aid the fish into deeper water as it swam closer to shore, but it resisted and beached itself on the sand. It was later attacked by birds and died.

In the past, researchers have tried to link animal fright to earthquakes, high ozone levels and other phenomena. However, Catherine Dukes of LiveScience insists that the apperance of oarfish is nothing to be concerned about.

“This is not a way to predict earthquakes,” Dukes said. “It’s just a way to warn that the Earth is moving and something might follow.”

Sources: Franchise Herald, Planet Save


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