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Rare Shark Species, A 'Living Dinosaur,' Found In Australia

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A rare species of shark was found off the coast of Australia during a father and son fishing trip, to the surprise of many experts and locals.

The species is called a goblin shark and are rarely seen due to their preference of swimming close to the ocean floor where it's dark and their dislike for sunlight.

They have received the nickname "vampire shark" for swimming so close to the bottom of the ocean, as much as 4,000 feet deep.

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The lucky fisherman, 22-year-old Lochlainn Kelly and his father Mike, caught the fish off the coast of Green Cape, in Victoria, Australia. The younger Kelly was quite surprised with what he found.

"I wasn't freaked out, if anything I was pretty excited," he told the Sydney Morning Herald. "I've seen photos of them before but I've never seen one before."

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According to the Daily Mail, the goblin shark is the last known species of its kind, the Mitsukurinidae, a type of shark from 125 million years ago.

The caught shark will be on display at the Australian Museum in Sydney.

Sources: Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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