Rare Seven-Legged Sheep Born In China (Video)


A one-in-seven-million sheep was born in China in January.

The sheep has two rear legs, as you’d expect, but sports an incredible five legs up front. According to China View, one in every seven million sheep is born with an extra limb.

The sheep’s owner, Wang Jingfeng, considered having the extra limbs amputated at first but opted not to after seeing the sheep’s full mobility. The sheep’s three extra legs are of varying lengths, with one particularly long one hanging down from the middle of the sheep’s chest.

“I have raised sheep for over twenty years,” Jingfeng said. “This has never happened before. The seven-legged sheep is even healthier than the other ones.”

Medical experts say the extra legs are the result of abnormal embryo growth. The defect may lead to a shorter life span for the sheep.

Check out this footage of the leg-laden animal, courtesy of China View.

Sources: New York Daily News, Global Times


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