Two Retired Four-Star Generals Endorse Clinton

Two retired four-star U.S. generals have come forward with an endorsement of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

On Sept. 1, retired Gens. Bob Sennewald and David Maddox released a joint statement announcing their official backing of the former Secretary of State, TIME Magazine reports.

“Having each served over 34 years and retired as an Army 4-star general, we each have worked closely with America’s strongest allies, both in NATO and throughout Asia,” the two retired generals said, according to The Hill.

Sennewald, 86,  was the former commanding general of the U.S. Army Forces Command while Maddox, 78, had been the former commander in chief in the U.S. Army-Europe.

“Our votes have always been private, and neither of us has ever previously lent his name or voice to a presidential candidate,” Sennewald and Maddox said. “Having studied what is at stake for this country and the alternatives we have now, we see only one viable leader, and will be voting this November for Secretary Hillary Clinton.”

The Democratic nominee has been burnishing her military support with a growing number of endorsements by former defense officials, many of them from Republican administrations.

On Aug. 31, former deputy assistant secretary of defense James Clad of the George W. Bush administration endorsed Clinton. In addition, a number of security advisers from the Ronald Reagan administration have also voiced their support for the former Secretary of State, TIME Magazine reports.

The most forceful military endorsement of Clinton came from retired Marine Gen. John Allen during the Democratic National Convention in July.

Allen had been a special envoy to President Barack Obama on the Islamic State group (ISIS) but resigned in 2015 due to disagreements with the commander-in-chief’s strategy. Despite having clashed with Obama, Allen gave an enthusiastic endorsement of Clinton, Military Times reports.

“We trust her judgment,” Allen said, surrounded by retired military leaders and veterans of the war on terror. “We believe in her vision for a united America and we believe in her vision of America as the just and strong leader against the forces of hatred, chaos, and darkness.”

On Aug. 31, Clinton knocked her general election opponent, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, during a speech before the American Legion in Cincinnati, slamming his past criticism of the U.S. military.

“I completely reject anyone, including my opponent, who calls the American military, and I quote, ‘a disaster,’” Clinton said. “That is an insult to the men and women serving today and all who have served before who have put their lives on the line.”

Sources: The Hill, Military Times, TIME Magazine / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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