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Indonesian Baby Born With Two Heads (Photos)

A baby girl was born with two heads in Indonesia.

On August 8, a newborn baby girl was born at a Gresik, Indonesia, hospital with two heads. The girl was diagnosed with Parapagus, an extremely rare form of twinning in which a baby is born with two heads side by side on one torso.

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The infant, who weighed in at about 9.3 pounds, was also diagnosed with respiratory failure from birth. She is currently being closely watched by doctors and nurses and is attached to a heart and respiratory monitor.

Parapagus differs from cases of conjoined twins in that there is only one set of organs in the body, but two heads. Because there is only one heart, it is impossible for doctors to separate the two heads.

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The rare occurrence is thought to be brought on early in the mother's pregnancy through a genetic mutation.

Incredible photos and video have been released showing the baby girl in an incubator.

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Sources: Daily Mail,New York Post / Photo credit: New York Post

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