Rapper Chief Keef Calls For Attack On Home Of Innocent Women


Chicago-born rapper Chief Keef put three Minneapolis women out of their home after he posted their address on Twitter. The rapper called on his fans to egg and throw rocks at their house.

The spat reportedly occurred after a fight during an online video game. But the rapper, whose real name is Keith Cozart, accidentally tweeted the wrong address. The three roommates were not part of any online communications with the rapper, notes KMSP.

Since the Jan. 29 post on social media, followers of Cozart’s have been showing up in the neighborhood. One person on Twitter claimed that he lived five hours from the home, but decided to go anyway. The man even posted an aerial image showing his destination, reports New York Daily News.

Several other posts have shown the outside of the home with police stationed close by.

Although the rapper later deleted his tweet, the address had already been accessed by his fans. According to New York Daily News, one of the neighbors has since been robbed at gunpoint.

The home’s occupants have fled. One of the home's residents, a student identified only as Ashley, said she’s been living in her car despite the wintry weather.

“It’s really not safe to be in the neighborhood anymore,” Ashley told KMSP. “There’s a lot of suspicious activity going on, and it’s not in our best interest to put ourselves in harm’s way.”

It’s unclear if Cozart will face charges.

Neighborhood residents have since started a GoFundMe page to help the women move to a safer house.

Sources: New York Daily News, KMSP / Photo credit: KMSP

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