Rapist Won't Face Charges Despite DNA Evidence Because of Statute of Limitations

A man who is accused of raping a young Michigan woman in 1991 won’t face trial or go to jail for his act because the statute of limitations has run out.

47-year-old William Google, of Jacksonville, Florida, is allegedly the man who raped the 23-year-old Michigan woman, according to DNA evidence. But the DNA match was only found last year, the case having remained unsolved for the previous two-plus decades.

Google said that he knew the victim and “had sex with” her, but didn’t rape her.

"I don't care about the statute of limitations," he told Jacksonville’s Action News. "I'm not a rapist."

"I know this girl, but I didn't rape this girl," he said. "I had sex with her, but I didn't rape her."

The woman came to police in April 1991 with a brutal story. Two men had grabbed her off the street, beat her, and raped her, she said, behind a house.

During the attack, she said, one of the man said “I’ve done this before.”

The victim said she didn’t know Google or the other attacker.

The attackers were not caught, and the attack was considered a cold case. But last year, DNA was taken from Google for a felony conviction of failing to pay child support. It matched up with the evidence taken from the victim.

According to Calhoun County Prosecutor David Gilbert, the analysis showed "a one in 100 quadrillion chance" that the DNA belonged to someone else.

"To most people you'd say OK, that's probably the person," Gilbert told WWMT-TV.

Google was taken into custody in Michigan’s Calhoun County Jail last year after the DNA evidence was brought to light. He awaited charges of first-degree criminal sexual charges, but was released in late October when the prosecution realized that the statute of limitations on rape at the time the rape occurred was six years.

So while that statue is no longer active, it still applies to Google’s case.

"In 1991, the statute of limitations on rape was six years. That means you had to bring charges within six years," Gilbert told the New York Daily News. "It would have run in 1997."

Google will also escape kidnapping charges, which ran out in 2001.

Sources: New York Daily News, Action News, WWMT-TV


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