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Rapist Who Gave 7-Year-Old Girl An STD Found Guilty

Rapist Who Gave 7-Year-Old Girl An STD Found Guilty Promo Image

A New Orleans man is facing life in prison after raping a 7-year-old girl at gunpoint and giving her chlamydia.

The incident occurred on the morning of Oct. 17, 2014. Andrew Hunter Jr., 26, was accused of entering the young girl's home, forcing her into a backroom, tying her up and then raping her at gunpoint, The Advocate reported.

The 7-year-old was first discovered after the attack by her mother, Assistant District Attorney Kevin Guillory told the court. The mother became alarmed when she didn't find her daughter in her bed that morning.

The mother found her young daughter lying under a pile of laundry with her hands and feet bound. She was also blindfolded with a belt around her neck and had her mouth gagged.

“She removes the items from her child and asks the child what happened,” Guillory said. “The child told her things that no mother would ever want to hear.”

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Guillory revealed that the victim's mother had sex with Hunter several weeks prior to the incident. The mother said she contracted chlamydia from the encounter.

An examination found that the 7-year-old also tested positive for chlamydia. The mother then told police she suspected Hunter was the rapist.

Hunter denied any wrongdoing. He willingly submitted to a DNA test, and his sample matched three swabs taken from the young girl. On Dec. 22, 2014, he was arrested.

Hunter's attorney, Martin Regan, argued that prosecutors failed to take DNA samples from either the mother's boyfriend or her brother, who were staying at the home at the time.

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“It happened,” Regan told the court about the assault, during opening statements. “The question here is who did it.”

Regan also said Hunter never had chlamydia, and implied the mother contracted the sexually transmitted disease from someone else.

“If someone gave her and her daughter a sexually transmitted disease, it wasn’t my client,” Regan told the jury.

Hunter was found guilty of two counts of aggravated rape, second-degree kidnapping, sexual battery against a victim under the age of 13, and aggravated burglary, according to court records.

The suspect is currently facing mandatory life in prison. He previously refused a plea deal from prosecutors that would have resulted in a 40-year sentence.

"This case is horrifying," prosecutor Karen Lansden said in her closing argument, according to "I don't know how I've come to grips with it over the three years I've prosecuted this case. A 7-year-old girl was raped. She was taken from her bedroom and made to do unspeakable things with a gun put to her head. Her life can never be the same. I can't get over the fact she will always have this with her."

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