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Rapist Allowed To Marry Partner Before Going To Prison


Something old, something new, something borrowed, and prison blues? This might just be the case for one New York rapist who has been allowed to marry his girlfriend before going to prison upstate.

On Wednesday, when Kevin Mitchell was sentenced to 14 years in prison for the rape of a woman, Supreme Court Justice Maxwell Wiley allowed him to be married before he went to prison.

The rapist is being allowed to stay at Rikers Island for an extra month so that he can marry his fiancée Tyneka Hudson. 

Hudson was ecstatic at the news.

"Everybody deserves to be married," she told the NY Daily News. "I'm going to be by his side. He's a good man."

This all comes in light of his prison sentence of 14 years for the rape of a woman who claims that Mitchell has caused irreparable damage to her.

"This man has completely ruined my life," the victim wrote in a statement. “I have tried to rationalize what I could have done in my life to have deserved what happened to me. The only conclusion that I have come up with is that some people in this world are truly terrible."

According to official reports, the man had followed the woman to her apartment in September 2013 with plans to rob her. Claiming he had a knife and a gun, he told the woman, "I'll slit your throat. This is going to happen either way."

He then began to force himself sexually on her. 

“I cannot understand why the man did this to me," the victim continued in the statement. "Why he told me he would kill me if I didn’t do what he said.

“I was trapped in my own home for what felt like forever talking to this man and not knowing if he was going to kill me or my dog — he made it clear to me that he was very capable of both,” she added.

Mitchell later admitted to raping the victim, and pleaded guilty to first-degree rape. 

"I apologize for what happened, and I'm sorry for what I did," he told the court. 

His fiancée is hopeful, however. She was skeptical of the entire case.

“No one knows the real story,” she told reporters. “Only she and him know. I can’t say he did it. I can’t say he didn’t do it."

According to the NY Daily News, she claims that he is a "hardworking" man and a good father to his five children of three different women. 

Mitchell will be assigned to a prison on April 22. 

Source: NY Daily News

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Abhishek Jacob/Flickr


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