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16-Year-Old Boys Suspects In Rape Of Eighth-Grader

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Two 16-year-old boys are under investigation for the rape of a 14-year-old eighth-grade student at a high school party April 1.

Police in Clyde Hill, Washington, have begun investigating the rape of a 14-year-old girl while she was unconscious at a high school party, according to The Seattle Times. Police received a warrant to search the cell phone of a teenage witness which they believed to contain evidence of the alleged rape posted on social media.

The victim stated she consumed vodka, whiskey, and beer in large quantities and became drunk. She also stated that she danced with and kissed the two suspects but at some point fell asleep. She recalled waking up with blood on her shoes.

She then had breakfast with friends who had been at the party the night before, and they informed her that she had been missing for around an hour during the party. She did not recall having sexual intercourse, but also noted she was sore from abdominal cramping. A few days later, a suspect told two other boys that he and another suspect had "tag-teamed" the victim.

"I believe she was mentally incapacitated at the time sexual intercourse occurred, and (the girl) was not able to reasonably understand the nature or consequences of having sexual intercourse,” Clyde Hill Police Officer Jason Czetobar wrote in the affidavit.

Court documents indicated that someone at the party took photos of the alleged assault and posted them to Snapchat, according to KIRO. The Snapchats may have contained the victim appearing "naked and bloody" in the bathroom where the alleged rape occurred.

Police were alerted to a large party with 150 to 200 juveniles in attendance, many of them intoxicated. The Seattle Times reports that several people may have witnessed the alleged assault or perhaps had evidence of it, and police are in the process of combing through potential witnesses.

"I believe now [the host of the party] had some knowledge of the sexual assault when I contacted him Sunday, but did not say anything to me about it,” the officer noted in the affidavit.

The affidavit also stated that other teens at the party “told [the victim] there were not any other eighth-graders there, and were calling [the victim] ‘the Legend’ because she was the youngest person at a high school party."

The host of the party also contacted the victim's father the morning after the party, telling him that he had reason to believe his daughter may have been assaulted the night before, according to KCPQ. He also told the father that he had seen photos of the alleged assault posted on social media.

It was not clear if any arrests have been made.

Sources: The Seattle Times, KIRO, KPCQ / Photo credit: Alan Levine/Flickr

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