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Rape Victim Vows To Take Back Jailed Lover

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A woman who was raped and beaten by her jailed lover has vowed to take him back, despite saying last month that he should be locked up forever.

Lisa Milligan said Franics Drummond’s attack came out of nowhere when the two were watching Coronation Street at Drummond’s apartment. Milligan noted that Drummond had been drinking when he grabbed her and tossed her to the floor, then kicked her face and knocked out her teeth.

“He wasn’t saying anything,” Milligan said. “His eyes were pure black, like he was possessed.”

Milligan said she scrambled back to the couch, and suddenly Drummond had a knife to her neck. She recalled that the knife cut her neck and blood ran down her throat.

The attack occurred while Drummond was serving a 200-hour community service order for assaulting Milligan only weeks earlier. Drummond was also accused of attacking Milligan in October of last year, though he denied it.

After Drummond was sentenced to six years in prison for his most recent attack, during which he also raped Milligan, Milligan insisted that six years was not enough and described Drummond as a danger to women.

Now, Milligan has changed her mind, noting that she’s willing to give Drummond another chance. Milligan said she would even support Drummond if he gets his sentence reduced on appeal.

“I think drink had a lot to do with what happened, so we have to take care not to be using alcohol all the time,” Milligan said. “I really believe he’s a good man at heart and I love him, so I believe we can be happy.”    

When Milligan posted her confession of love on Facebook, one friend argued that she was a “sick cow” for visiting the “beast” that had harmed her.      

Sources: Mirror, BBC


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