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Rape Victim Bites Attacker's Genitalia, Escapes


A rape victim in Zachary, Louisiana, escaped after biting the attacker's genitalia and running to a nearby house.

According to reports, 35-year-old Kendrick Carter was being transported to his home in a hospital shuttle van when he began making inappropriate comments to the driver from the back seat. The driver became uncomfortable with Carter's comments, and soon pulled into a driveway and stopped the van. It was then that Carter climbed into the front seat and began to sexually abuse the driver.

The driver started to scream and honk the horn, and subsequently bit Carter's genitalia in order to escape. The victim ran to a nearby house and called authorities.

Carter reportedly fled the scene and ran to a nearby field. He was later caught covered in blood, and initially denied the attack. He was arrested and charged with a count of forceable rape. He is currently in police custody on $75,000 bail.

Source: The Advocate / Photo Credit:


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