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Ranting Man Attacks Bus Driver: ‘Is That Real Blood? Let Me Taste It!' (Video)

A violent attack on a bus driver in Olympia, Wash., was caught on video this past Tuesday.

A man on the Intercity Transit bus allegedly swore and harassed passengers. When the bus driver asked him to leave the bus, the man became unhinged.

The driver reportedly warned the man that he would be booted from the bus. When he didn't relent, the driver stopped the vehicle, opened the doors, and walked to the back of the bus.

“Go off of my bus,” the driver said in the video. “Do you want me to call the cops?”

“I was joking,” the man claimed.

“I don’t care. I heard your language four times, you said the F-word,” the driver said.

“It’s a curse word,” the man said.

“Get off my bus!” the driver yelled.

“What’s wrong with you?” the man asked, then started asking the driver to hit him. “Hit me! Hit me!”

“I’m not hittin’ ya. I want ya off of my bus,” the driver said, walking away to call police.

The man followed him.

“Who do you think you are?” the passenger asked. “Call your supervisor and I will talk to your supervisor.”

He asked the driver again, “Physically touch me.”

“Why?” the driver asked.

“Because I have a right to hit you in the face. If you hit me in the face, we will fight to the death," the man said.

The passenger leapt on top of the driver, who fell to the ground. Another passenger attempted to pull him off but was unsuccessful. He continued to punch the driver.

"You bleeding? Is that real blood? Let me taste it," he said, touching the driver’s face and licking his finger. “Your blood is all over!”

The suspect left the bus as passengers called for help.

Police arrested him a short time later and charged him with third degree assault. He was not identified.

The driver was taken to the hospital and released Tuesday night.

Sources: Washington Post, KOMO News


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