Rancher In Idaho Shot And Killed By Police During Bull Escape Incident

An Idaho cattle rancher was shot and killed by deputies in Adams County, Idaho, in an incident that took place following the escape of one of the rancher's bulls.

Rancher Jack Yantis, 62, along with his wife, nephew Rowdy Paradis and family friend were eating dinner at the Yantis home around 6:45 p.m. on Nov. 1 when a  sheriff's dispatcher called to alert Yantis that one of the family's bulls had just been hit on the highway, the Idaho Statesman reports.

Yantis reportedly got ready to go out and deal with the the issue, telling Paradis to get a small front-end loader as well as a rifle, since the injured bull needed to be put down to avoid suffering.

Paradis went to get the loader while Yantis took an all-terrain vehicle to a highway close to the Yantis' home, where the bull had made its way after being hit.  

Two deputies who arrived at the scene had allegedly opened fire on the bull while Paradis was getting the loader, and at least one of them was carrying a semi-automatic rifle.

"It was blazing down there and it sounded like World War III on this bull, because they got him charging at everyone again," Paradis told the Idaho Statesman.

After this, the family says the bull was not fully dead. Yantis was reportedly preparing to shoot the bull in the back of the head to kill it humanely, when one of the deputies spun Yantis around and grabbed the rifle's scope. The deputy then allegedly pushed Yantis, who tried to regain his footing.

According to Paradis, Yantis' rifle discharged at one point, which then led both deputies to shoot Yantis in the chest and abdomen. Paradis says he thinks the rifle may have discharged when the deputy spun Yantis.

Yantis' wife, Donna, says the police then threatened her and Paradis. The Idaho Statesman reports that Donna had a heart attack while the deputies allegedly threatened her, and she remained in the hospital on Nov. 7.

A memorial service was held for Yantis on Nov. 8, according to KIVI-TV.  Roughly 70 people attended the service, and prayers were said for Yantis, the deputies involved in the incident and the community.

Idaho State Police are still investigating.

Sources: Idaho Statesmen, KIVI-TV / Photo credit: Paul Boehlke/KTVB


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