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Rancher Discovers Brazilian Farm He Works On Was Once a Pro-Nazi Slave Camp

A rancher in Brazil was shocked to discover that rich, crazy Nazi sympathizers once owned a farm he worked at, and even more disturbing, that it was used as a labor camp for abandoned, non-white children.

Jose Ricardo Rosa Maciel discovered bricks engraved with swastikas after a wall broke while he was working on the Brazilian farm.

“One day the pigs broke a wall and escaped into the field,” said Maciel to BBC. “I noticed the bricks that had fallen. I thought I was hallucinating.”

Maciel says he became even more disturbed when he came upon a picture of a soccer team on the farm holding a flag with a swastika on it.

“Nothing explained the presence of a swastika here,” said Maciel.

Eventually, history professor Sidney Aguilar Filho was able to piece together the dark history of the ranch.

“I found a story of 50 boys aged around 10 years old who had been taken from an orphanage in Rio,” said Filho to BBC. “They were taken in three waves. The first was a group of 10 in 1933.” Filho went on to add that the boys were, ““subject to regular beatings with a palmatoria, a wooden paddle with holes designed to reduce air resistance and increase pain. They were addressed not by their name, but by a number.”

It was also discovered that swastikas were pretty much in plain sight all over the farm. Cows were even branded with the Nazi symbol. Surviving members of the Rocha Miranda family, the ones that owned the ranch, refute claims that the children were kept as slaves on the farm, but do acknowledge the owner’s support of the Nazi party.


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