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Rams Head Executive Pleads Guilty To Recording Women In Bathroom

On July 23, the former president of the Rams Head Group pleaded guilty to using a hidden camera to take videos of women in the bathroom at his popular restaurant in Howard County, Maryland, reports The Baltimore Sun.

Kyle Muehlhauser admitted to hiding a video recorder under the sink in the single-stall women’s room at the Rams Head Tavern, a restaurant that he owned. Police arrested the 37-year-old after a woman discovered the camera and turned it in to police.

She testified that, since the ordeal, she now avoids public bathrooms and worries that her two young daughters will be secretly recorded, just like she was.

“This has violated my privacy in a way that I never thought would happen," she said. "I have to plan my day around when I can go home and go to the bathroom."

“There isn’t a day that doesn’t go by that they don’t think about this event and the violation of their privacy,” said Joanna Miller, Howard County Assistant State’s Attorney, reports CBS Baltimore.

The prosecutor stated that the camera had also filmed in two other bathrooms, one of which was in a private home.

"It could have been anyone's friend, wife, daughter, mother or grandmother," Miller said.

The state charged Muehlhauser with six counts but the plea deal dropped four of them. The court gave Muehlhauser two years with all but 90 days suspended.

After he serves his time, he will have three years of probation, during which he must consent to computer and video gear inspections without warning. He will also have to pay $1,250 each to the woman who found the camera and to another victim.

His guilty plea leaves the Rams Head Group vulnerable to civil lawsuits, so Muehlhauser’s lawyer advised him not to speak in court.

“He would express his remorse” if he were able to address the court, defense lawyer Jason Shapiro said. “He would express his desire to change. He would apologize.”

“He didn’t think he was hurting anyone,” Shapiro said, reports the Baltimore Sun.

While the defense was hoping for a more lenient sentence, the judge insisted on jail time.

“People need to know that if you do this, you will be punished,” he told the court.

Sources: Baltimore Sun, CBS Baltimore / Photo credit: Howard County Police Department


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