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Ralphie May's Last Meal

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Comedian Ralphie May ate jalapeno poppers and a chicken sandwich hours before dying of a heart attack in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Oct. 6.

May, 45, ordered the meal from Jack in the Box after performing at Harrah's the night of Oct. 5, TMZ reports.

After eating the dinner at 1 a.m., May's assistant found his boss unconscious from a heart attack on the floor, the Dallas Observer reports.

Paramedics arrived and declared the comedian dead.

News of May's last meal fueled speculation as to what caused the star's death, causing some to wonder if his diet contributed to his untimely demise.

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"There is a reason they call it morbidly obese," wrote one person under TMZ's comments section. "Rest in peace, Ralphie. You were a funny guy…"

"Whoever he is, he looks obese," added another. "Then the stress of the divorce and the pneumonia and the fatty meal of animal products and chemicals just did him in. You can't abuse your body like that."

Yet some were angered by the rumors.

"So was this relevant to his death?" said one. "What was the purpose of this report. Even fat people have to eat (I'm not fat!) just wondering why TMZ felt the need to report this. The guy's dead, why try to shame him?"

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However, others were quick to fight back.

"This is why we suck," said another. "Stop letting yourselves get this fat. Tired of hearing people say it's fat shaming and that's not right. No you are disgusting and eating yourself to death."

While May had suffered from pneumonia, he was reported to be 80 to 90 percent "better." May also suffered from bronchitis weeks before his death, and had complained he felt "worn out."

"Man, I'm sick," he told radio hosts Carlos & Kiki, the Daily Mail reported on Sept. 22. "I've got bronchitis and you add that to the altitude and it's bad. If I tried to come in there I would get there tomorrow. I spent last week doing eight shows, five states in six days, running and gunning and running and gunning has just got me worn down."

"It takes forever just to get down the hall," he added.

No trace of drugs were found in his body.

Friends and loved ones mourn his loss.

"He could roll with anything," comedian Dan Danzy said. "He could make the most awkward or s**tty situation funnier with just opening his eyes really wide and shaking face. He could make anybody laugh."

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