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Raleigh Reynolds Uses His Infant As Shield Between Him and Police

A man who was chased down by police for an alleged burglary used an infant as a shield between the police and him when the police had their guns drawn.

Raleigh Reynolds was found by police on April 21 in Oregon and was chased down by them. They tried to arrest him but he jumped a fence and hid inside a neighbors house.

They then surrounded the house. Reynolds tried several times to escape but kept going back inside when he realized a successful escape was unlikely. 

He then came out with a baby in front of him. Authorities say he positioned the child as a shield between himself and police.

Fortunately, the baby was not hurt. Police are now saying that the neighbor's house belonged to his sister and the 7-month-old baby was his son.

He eventually surrendered and police arrested him.

He is now in Clackamas County Jail being charged with burglary, endangering welfare of a minor and resisting arrest.

In Februrary, he was arrested for felony drug charges after he accidentally called 911 before a drug deal.

Sources: Examiner, WHAS 11


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