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Radio Station Fires Woman After Ex-Husband Makes Violent Threats, Slashes Tires

A Pennsylvania radio broadcaster fired a popular Johnstown host after her ex-husband made threats against her and her coworkers.

Nancy Lane says she lost her job of four years because Forever Broadcasting thinks she is a liability. She claims her ex-husband, George Lucas Lane, 34, has been making her life a mess for the last seven months.

"Not only has my personal life been greatly affected and influenced, terror, fear, all of that, but I've worked very hard as a person in the public eye to maintain a certain reputation and now that's been stripped from me as well," Lane told WJAC-TV.

Lane, who usually hosts two shows on two separate stations owned by Forever Broadcasting, was fired on Tuesday.

"'Regrettably, recent events involving your former husband have caused severe disruption to our business and has made this decision necessary,'" Lane said, reading from the termination statement she received. "I guess what bothers me the most is I've overcome great obstacles and I've done my job."

Her ex-husband currently in jail for impersonating police.

"We've been through all of this. We've overcome through all of this," said Lane. "We've worked as a team, we've functioned as a team and now I feel like when I need them most, they let me ... the corporate offices let me go."

She said that the letter from management doesn’t cite any problems with her job performance.

"It's defeating to me that my job now has been let go because of violent acts of a person who is clearly of not right mind and not right demeanor," she added. "Now another facet of my life is affected by this."

George Lane was released from jail last month for soliciting three people to rob and beat Nancy.

Just days after his release he was arrested again. First he sent threatening emails to his ex-wife, according to the Tribune-Democrat. Then he made calls to Forever Broadcasting pretending to be Portage Chief of Police Ed Miller and claiming that George Lane was dead.

Sources: WJAC-TV, Fox 8 TV, Tribune-Democrat


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