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Radio DJ Suspended for Mocking Woman with Down's Syndrome

A radio host has been suspended after he mocked a woman with Down's syndrome who accidentally called his station. 

Kellie Baker, 30, was trying to call her friend when DJ Mo, presenter of The Mo Show, answered the call. She asked to talk to her friend, to which he replied "obviously you have some sort of speech impediment," and then asked "are you from this country?"

Baker replied by saying, "Uh, no, this is my voice," and tried to cut off the conversation by saying, "All right, never mind…I'll see ya later, okay, bye."

DJ Mo encouraged her to stay on the line and said, "K - say it real slowly."

Baker said, "Never mind, never mind," and the DJ replied, "No, say it real slowly. I want to figure this out. It's a little game."

After Baker apologized for dialing the wrong number, he asked her if she knew who he was. She said no, and he replied, "Okay, so I can laugh at you and you won't know who to call and say you're offended. Very good."

Baker ended the call and called her mother in tears, asking her, "Why would he make fun of me?"

Her sister described Baker as a "wonderful" person who views the world "without cynicism and with complete and utter hope." Baker assumes that everyone is trustworthy and kind, so the DJ's comments made her very upset. 

The DJ, who has since been suspended, is taking "full responsibility" for his actions and has issued an apology to her, asking to meet her in person so he can say he is sorry. 

"At the time of the call, I honestly believed it was a prank. However, that doesn't excuse what happened or what I did," the DJ said. 

Baker's family is angry that the phone conversation was even broadcast.

Kara Ball, Baker's sister, said, "He knows that she dialed the wrong number. This never needed to be aired, period."



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