Racist 'White Power' Signs Posted in Denver (Video)

Several racist fliers have sprung up on telephone poles in the northwest section of Denver, Colo.

The fliers read: "Get rid of poor Hispanics," "White Power," "Whites Only" and "This neighborhood belongs to the whites now."

However, the community is pushing back by carrying "#WeAreNorthDenver" signs, reports 7 News (video below).

"To the author of the hate speech spewed across our neighborhood, I invite you to remove your mask and sit at a table with me to discuss your discontent," poet/activist Bobby LeFebre said on a local street corner with a megaphone on Saturday.

LeFebre claims gentrification has caused local homes to be replaced by expensive office buildings, and bilingual bookstores to be turned into boutique stores.

"There's a lot of tension in the neighborhood and I feel like this is a manifestation of that tension," LeFebre told 9 News. "This neighborhood isn't integrating as it should be."

"It is hard," added resident Phil Vigil. "It's hard for a lot of people.We're not leaving. We are still here, we are united, and we are a proud people."

"I was furious and ashamed that the sentiments were from people like me," said resident Lauri Briscoe, who is Caucasian.

Rosalinda Aguirre says the neighborhood used to be multicultural, but high property taxes and new development pushed people out of the area.

Denver police are investigating the racist flyers by canvassing the area and hoping someone saw who posted the intimidating signs.

Sources: 7 News and 9 News


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