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Racist Song Plays At Virginia High School Football Game (Video)

A racist song that included a racial slur was played on the home field of Glen Allen High School during a warm up before its homecoming football game in Henrico, Virginia, on Oct. 16 (video below).

The song's lyrics stated in part, "They're trying to raise money, but they can't cause they spend all their money. They're [N-word]," reports NBC12.

Henrico County Public School officials are investigating the incident; the student body of John Marshall is mostly black.

Lucas Harris, a former John Marshall football player who filmed the incident, told the news station:

"At first, I was wondering if I heard that right. We were all very surprised, all very shocked, offended ... Really, that just ignited us. Gave us motivation to go out there and win, and we played our best game of the year. We really came together as a family. Everybody played their best game of the year."

Glen Allen principal, Dr. Gwen Miller, sent a letter of apology to the principal of the opposing school, John Marshall, "I do not know how the song made it into the mix of tunes, and we are investigating to determine the source. We regularly review play lists, and I am at a loss as to how such a song was included." 

Sources: NBC12, WTVR / Photo credit: NBC12 Screenshot


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