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Racist Keys N-Word On Car Of Mom With Biracial Child (Video)

The mother of a 7-year-old biracial boy in Derry, New Hampshire, is being harassed by an unidentified person or persons leaving racist messages on her car and yard (video below).

"They're hate crimes," Jaci Stimson told WHDH. "Somebody has been vandalizing my car and throwing things in my yard that are racist."

The police are investigating the racist messages that included the words "N***** lover" keyed into Stimson’s car on Oct. 21, and a sign that said, "N***** go home," which was posted on her driveway Oct. 24.

"I’m disappointed," Stimson added. "I didn’t know this still existed."

According to Stimson, her son is wondering why these incidents keep happening.

"He’s seven, so he asked me what he did wrong and why people may not be liking him, and how do you answer that?" Stimson told the news station.

She recalled another act of vandalism: "Clearly they have a message for me, but they threw eggs on my car, and watermelon and also fried chicken into my yard."

The mom put up surveillance cameras that filmed a car driving by slowly at night.

"Somebody has a problem, and if we've offended somebody in a meaningful way, I wish that they would use their words and come have an intelligent discussion with us," Stimson stated.

The Derry Police Department wants people who have any information on the harassment to come forward.

"This is a very unusual thing to occur in Derry," Police Capt. Vern Thomas told WBZ-TV. "In fact it never happens. So we have some work to do."

Stimson had planned to stay silent until the egging incident, and let the police investigate without publicity.

She told WBZ-TV: "It's silly that they don't have anything better to do with their time than to pick on the color of somebody's skin."

Stimson even allowed her son to appear on camera.

"We’re not sorry, and we’re not afraid," Stimson added. "I want them to know how shameful it is what they did. And how ignorant."

Sources: WDHD, WBZ-TV​ / Photo credit: WDHD via YouTube

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