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Racial Confrontation At High School Goes Viral (Video)

A video (below) of a black student pulling down a white student at Wake Forest High School in North Carolina went viral after it was posted on Instagram March 3.

Tyler Goodell, the student who posted the video, asserted that the black student (and his friend), Micah Speed, was acting in self-defense after being harassed for months with no intervention from school officials, notes The News & Observer.

Micah was originally suspended for 10 days, but that punishment was reduced to five.

The 15-year-old sophomore told WNCN: "I'll take the punishment because that's what I did, that's what men do, but so should he."

Micah's mom added: "I'm angry that the school does not take care of its children better than what they did."

Wake County Public School System officials are gathering up information to determine what caused the confrontation, which appears in the video to happen in a school hallway.

The principal of Wake Forest High School released a statement about the incident to the school community:

I am calling to inform you of a video that has circulated involving Wake Forest High School students.

School administrators became aware of the video posting shortly after it was posted Friday and we are continuing to investigate the situation.

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage your children to not share rumors. If your child has information to share, they should contact an administrator directly.

We strive each day to create a positive learning environment and take every measure to ensure the safety of our students. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our front office ... Thank you for your continued support of our school.

WNCN tried to contact the other student, but has reportedly not heard back.

Some students gathered in support of Micah on March 6 at the school. Viral video of the protest shows the students shouting, "Micah! Micah!"

While it was mostly peaceful, some students were seen running through the halls. The students want the student in the conflict with Micah to be suspended.

"I'm not a bully," Micah told WNCN. "I don't bully people."

Micah recalled what triggered his response to the other student: "I got pushed over the edge when he said, 'I'm going to kill you or your family.' And he showed me videos of him shooting sawed-off shotguns."

Sources: The News & Observer,  WNCN (2) / Photo credit: Wake Forest High School/Facebook

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