Rachel Oberlin's Non-Violent Torpedo of Truth


Famed Charlie Sheen "goddess" Rachel Oberlin snagged a halo from PETA for her cruelty-free vegan diet. Now PETA's first "Green Goddess" is talking Tofurky with OK! magazine about why she loves being vegan.

jamescastle/cc by 2.0

"Animal byproducts are so bad for our bodies, and I feel as though my body is now pure and clean. I have so much energy and life now," she told the magazine. "I also feel great knowing I don't contribute to any deaths of any innocent creatures."

The average vegan saves more than 100 animals' lives every year—not to mention saving themselves from obesity, cancer, strokes, and heart disease. And if Rachel's "Green Goddess" figure is any indication, the benefits don't stop there. Join Rachel in being a "goddess" for animals. Get yummy vegan recipes sent right to your in-box every week, or peruse some tasty cruelty-free cookbooks

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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