Rachel Maddow Tells Same-Sex Couples: Don't Worry If It's Legal 'Just Get Married'


MSNBC host Rachel Maddow advised same-sex couples to get married, even if the legality of gay marriage in their state is still being disputed in the courts.

On “The Rachel Maddow Show” the host discussed news from Asbury Park, N.J., that yet another local clerk is issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

“And that is great for the residents of Asbury Park,” Maddow said.

Asbury Park had once been a ghost town, before an influx of gay and lesbian couples rejuvenated the city.

Maddow recalled when San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom announced the city would begin marrying same-sex couples in 2004, it led to the marriage equality the state of California has today.

“While marriage rights are still being adjudicated,” Maddow said, “just get married. It has an effect.”

Maddow argued that, historically, actions like these have “strapped a turbo-charge” to marriage equality.

After a clerk in Montgomery County, Pa., began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, towns in Allegheny and Lancaster Counties are following suit. Maddow called it a “a surprisingly effective direct-action tactic.”

While Gov. Tom Corbett, R-Pa., is in the process of suing to stop the Montgomery County Register of Wills, D. Bruce Hanes, from issuing gay marriage licenses, same-sex couples who have already gotten a license are suing to maintain their marriage status.

Now the New Jersey Supreme Court says same-sex marriage is legal and newly elected Democratic Sen. Corey Booker says he’ll officiate weddings as soon as it's legal on Sunday Oct. 20.

Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., maintains his opposition against same-sex marriage and pushed the lower court ruling all the way to the Supreme Court in the first place. Christie’s Democratic challenger Barbara Buono told Maddow Christie’s stance is doomed.

“The governor has a history of using his office to advance his own political interests,” Buono said, adding “his economic plan really has just enriched the wealthy and crippled the middle class.”

Buono has claimed Christie isn’t focused on New Jersey, but rather on the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.

Sources: Raw Story, MSNBC


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