Rachel Maddow Breaks From NBC To Ask: Why Aren't We Boycotting Russia's Olympics?


MSNBC host Rachel Maddow doesn’t care that her network’s parent company NBC Universal will be the sole U.S. broadcaster of the Olympic games. In light of the latest anti-gay legislation in Russia, which calls for the removal of any child from a home with an LGBT parent, Maddow wants to know why any country would participate in the games with Russia as the host.

“There’s been a worry building for a while now,” Maddow said, “over how really radically anti-gay Russia has become under Vladimir Putin.”

Last summer Russia passed an anti-gay ban, claiming they are protecting the nation’s youth from non-traditional sexuality.

Russia also banned adoptions of Russian orphans to U.S. parents, after it discovered one of the couples who adopted a Russian child was same-sex. The new law even bans any single parent from adopting if they live in a country where same-sex marriage is legal.

“So even unmarried American straight people are not allowed to adopt one of the 600,000 Russian kids up for adoption because America is too gay for Russia,” she said on “The Rachel Maddow Show” Thursday night.

A law proposed to remove any child from a home with gay parents is now being considered. Debate on the bill will begin in February — when the Olympic games are set to start.

“They want to go into peoples’ homes and start removing kids from their parents if their parents are gay,” she explained. “Adopted kids, foster kids, even your biological children will be taken away from you if you are gay.”

She said American organizations like the National Organization for Marriage and Family Research Council support the Russian bill because it promotes their family values. Those values, Maddow says, would strip a child from their home and put them in an orphanage just because their parents are gay.

“And so, it is an interesting question,” she said, “for countries that believe that gay people shouldn’t have their children stolen. It’s an interesting question for other countries in the world as Russia keeps moving on this stuff as to whether or not participating in the Russian-hosted Olympics implies some sort of tacit consent or approval for what Russia is doing.”

Sources: MSNBC, Raw Story


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