Rachel Canning Rants On Facebook, Calling Her Parents' Generation "Spoiled"


A day after shocking claims surfaced alleging that Rachel Canning, the teen suing her parents for money, had been allowed to drink underage by the family who is currently housing her, the 18-year-old has taken to Facebook herself to slam her parent’s generation for being spoiled.

“Suburban baby boomer types are the spoiled lot, they make massive amounts of money a year, they are used to flying to luxury destinations when they want, and buy things that they don't need, people should be inclined to see things my way,” wrote Canning on her Facebook page, according to the NY Daily News.

Canning also allegedly went on to say that people her parent’s age only cared about, “retiring into some fantasy world rather than provide for their children's college and young adult years.”

“In today's economy there are no more meaningful jobs and without family help it's usually military or bust,” continued Canning in her outburst.

Since filing the lawsuit, a judge has denied Canning’s request to have her estranged parents pay her private high school tuition and $650 a month in child support. The judge has not yet made a decision as to whether or not Mr. and Mrs. Canning will have to pay for their daughter’s future college tuition. It’s safe to say, however, that Canning’s latest rant on social media probably won’t help her case.

“I see parents like this every day,” continued Canning in her post, “children were always an accessory to them and nothing more, once that accessory grew up and went out of fashion, much like a marriage that people allegedly commit to, the child becomes a throwaway, that's just how it is.”

A follow-up hearing is scheduled for April 22.


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