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Rachel Canning Drops Lawsuit Demanding Money From Her Parents

America’s most disliked teenager has dropped her lawsuit against her parents.

Rachel Canning, the 18-year-old who sued her parents for college tuition and child support, appeared in New Jersey court yesterday and announced she is dropping the lawsuit. Presiding Judge Peter Bogaard said Canning’s decision was voluntary and ordered the case dismissed.

“The case is over,” said attorney Angelo Sarno, who was representing Canning’s parents. “It’s time to move on. The Cannings want nothing more than to resume their lives as a family.”

Canning testified in court that the media attention her case garnered played a significant role in her decision to drop the case. She added that no one “forced” or “coerced” her decision.

Canning, you may recall, was seeking $654 per week in child support from her parents Sean and Elizabeth Canning. Her lawsuit also demanded they pay her college tuition and legal bills. She filed the lawsuit after moving away from home because of disagreements with her parents.

Canning made headlines in recent weeks for statements like the following, in which she said it was people like her parents -- not her -- who are spoiled.

“Suburban baby boomer types are the spoiled lot,” she said. “They make massive amount of money a year, they are used to flying to luxury destinations when they want, and buy things that they don't need. People should be inclined to see things my way.”

Judge Bogaard said recently that granting Canning’s lawsuit any legitimacy would be going down a “slippery slope.”

"Do we want to establish a precedent where parents live in basic fear of establishing rules of the house?” he asked. He said that any ruling in Canning’s favor could “open the gates for a 12-year-old to sue for an Xbox, a 13-year-old to sue for an iPhone… what about a 15-year-old asking for a 60 inch TV?”

Although she dropped the case, Canning says her allegations of improper behavior against her parents are true. Canning previously accused her parents of pestering her about her weight so much that she became bulimic. She also said her father forced her to binge drink with him and had an “inappropriate affection” for her.

Canning said in court that her statements about the alleged mistreatments were “true and accurate.”

Sources: NJ, Mail Online


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