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Raccoons Slowly Taking Over New York City

In the Clinton Hill area of Brooklyn, New York, raccoons are getting into garbage cans, backyards and even breaking into homes.

On streets, the raccoons rummage through trash and run right up to neighbors.

Resident Barbara Mattocks told CBS New York that she went face-to-face with a raccoon: "I don’t want that feeling ever again. I was petrified."

Mattocks said her 3-year-old Maltese, who used to love to play outside,  now "refuses to go out in the yard."

Residents have called 311, but the city will not respond unless the raccoons appear to be potentially rabid.

Residents paid for professional a trapper, but not a single raccoon was caught.

Rich Weddle, of the Animal Husbandry Department at Liberty Science Center, said: "They are extremely intelligent animals. In terms of trying to trap them, once they’ve been trapped once they’ll know not to go in that trap again."

On Oct. 17, a 'Raccoon Summit' has been planned for neighbors, local politicians and raccoon experts.


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