Rabbits Hump During Live News Broadcast (Video)


A local newscast on WBIR in Knoxville, Tenn., recently went terribly wrong when the anchors invited two rabbits onto their desk.

Apparently, the television station was trying to get into the spirit of Easter, but the news anchors were shocked when the rabbits started humping on live television, noted Gawker.

WBIR posted the video (below) on its website with the headline, "Priceless: Awkward moment of the year!"

"He can't do that up here," said one news anchor. "They can be up here, but he can't do that."

The broadcast quickly cut away to congratulate a new mom, who is the wife of a station camerman.

Moments later, the anchor joked, “We will announce the third rabbit’s name in nine months.”

However, it only takes 30 days for a pregnant rabbit to give birth, reports The Daily Dot.

Sources: Gawker, The Daily Dot, WBIR


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